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Down time. Do I get back what I took in? Security of my important documents and records. Interfacing to local network. Testing multiple pieces of hardware. These are all reasons many businesses, and a growing number of personal computer users want their hardware and software serviced on site.

LGDService, a division of Let's Get Digital, has been providing prompt efficient professional on site repairs and upgrades to Peterborough County for years. We offer integration of web applications, customer relationship management, local networking, and preventative maintenance.

Our site reviews will tell you what risks you currently face. Are you adequately protected from viruses, spyware, and other threats? Is your protection working, without getting in the way of proper operations? Is your data properly secured, and backed up on a proper schedule? Do you tune up your hardware on a regular basis, or just respond to each crisis and crash as it occurs? You may not have a dedicated IT department, nor have the experience or time to do these functions.

We offer updates to hardware and software, network audits, repairs, and scheduled preventative maintenace. Contact us today by phone at 705.930.8658 or by using our convenient contact form.

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